Our Part in the Community


May 2017 - Charity of the Month

For our monthly charity of May, we have chosen to donate to CASPA - Foster Care Program (Child & Adolescent Specialist Programs & Accommodation). 

CASPA are a very important community service and provide a number of different services: 

FOSTER CARE - It involves one or more child or young person living in your home with you as a part of your family for a specified and agreed amount of time. Involves training, support and allowances.

FAMILY SUPPORTS - Respite Recovery, Mentoring, Semi Independent Living, Targeted Community Care, Leaving Care Support, Supervised Contact, Family Supports and Early Intervention.

RESIDENTIAL CARE - CASPA provides residential care for children and young people who cannot live at their family home for their own safety, welfare and wellbeing. Children and young people in residential care have high and complex needs.

Click on the link for more information about CASPA or to make a donation -