Our Part in the Community


June 2017 - Charity of the Month

FSG Australia is our charity of the month for June. From every corner of FSG Australia there is commitment to providing Freedom, Social Justice and Growth for all people. Our practices uphold the rights of all people to have choice and self-determination and believe strongly in a community that welcomes and connects to everyone.

Our donation was put towards their B-Space Youth Centre in Ballina. 

B-Space is a place for young people to engage in:

  • Activities
  • Programs
  • Mentoring
  • Opportunities

These engagement opportunities are designed in a way that allows them to contribute, not only in regards to the development and design of the activities themselves, but the space in which this all takes place as well. There were over 900 submissions from young people in regards to the B-Space development once we put the word out in the community.

The concept of B-Space came about because there was a need to engage local youth, who are potentially vulnerable and disengaged, and who lacked the necessary support when it came to basic mentoring, work experience opportunities and just general availability of a place where they can feel safe, as well as learn and be creative.

If you wish to make a donation visit their website https://www.fsg.org.au/