A district renowned for its physical beauty, its frotier spirit and its cultural life. A Thriving university city with top-notch sporting facilities and extensive shopping choices. On the doorstep of three world heritage rainforests and only 40 minutes inland of spectacular beaches such as Byron Bay. This is Lismore.

Lismore is in the heart of Northern NSW, a region famous for its high number of rainbows. This is due largely to its landforms of valleys and hills. But the 'Rainbow Region' label was born mainly from the area's reputation for being at the forefront of new ways of thinking and alternative living.

Lismore has become a major tourism destination based on the beauty of its environment. People travel from throughout the country and world to see pristine reainforests, rare flora and fauna and the mains of the region's volcanic history.

In the centre of the city itself, lies a few hectares of rainforest, Rotary Park. Lismore's attraction also lies in its cosmopolitan communities of residents who are determined to preserve its natural charms. Visit any one of the cafes and restaurants and watch the passing parade.

With a population of 45,500, Lismore is the thriving centre of this region. Here are the commercial centre of the north east of NSW, with three major shopping centre, a bustiling CBD and several industrial estates.

It's a town that loves culture, with high quality arts and crafts centres, all forms of music and dance and varied entertainment choices.
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